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OPEN YOUR mind    

meditation is not EAST or WEST; it is an ancient practice of receiving guidance from spirit

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PRAY . ask 
Seek spirit; the wisdom of your heart and soul.
pray  \ ˈprā  \  
1. to address Universe/God/Spirit in a humble or devout manner
MEDITATE . receive 
Enter the stillness to allow spirit to communicate through intuitive language 

med·​i·​tate | \ ˈme-də-ˌtāt  \

1: to engage in contemplation or reflection

2: to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of mantra) for the purpose of reaching spiritual awareness


SPIRIT  breathe
Spirit is derived from the Latin word "spiritus" which means "breath, spirit". It translates literally to the word "breathe". Breathing is one of the most powerful tools for wellbeing. Even though we breathe constantly, inhaling and exhaling, the power of breath is only felt if we are conscious.
Scientific studies have demonstrated the powerful impact that breath has on our health, affecting the parasympathetic or sympathetic systems. In Sanskrit our breath is our most important form of prana.
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WILD soul   
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SOUL surrender

Step one. Dive in and surrender to new experiences and new growth. These products provide a support system to help you, but you have to use them. You are creating rituals and habits to support your journey.


Getting the products is the first step, but to really bring that step home, you want to dive into your ritual play practice. Create a space that will support you in your new habit of BEing. 33 days of ritual creates a habit so commit to the practice! Get into it!! Decorate YOUR space with things you LOVE, from inspiring vision boards to beautiful candles to relics from your life. Get ready to have fun!

Step two is SIMPLE. Get comfortable. Take a deep breath into your heart and drop into the body. Just like in labor, breath helps you center, relax and release, stilling your mind and opening your heart.


Breath is life and the soul (psyche) means life. As silly as it may sound, you need to remember to breathe (like birth). So we begin each Be session with three breaths. Releasing the old (habit, thought, boyfriend, year . . . ) and breathing in the new. With each breath you center yourself. Play with your breath. Breathe in and out through your heart. Move energy with your breath.


HEART center


YOUR destiny

There is not right or wrong way to meditation; there is only your way!

Your journey is your journey. You have guides but they are within you, accessed by you. You have everything you need. 

In a simple way your heart is your compass and your soul is your guide. You have other guides too, but those are yours to find. Belief is the key to the door. Believe in yourself. To enter the stillness we will offer you some suggestions but remember that you alone know the way! Only you can manifest your dreams. This is your destiny; you are the legacy.

PERFECT  nature

WILD soul   


GET comfortable

Step one. Find a quiet space that is comfortableand private. This will be your ritual space. You will use your Be products here. You can also decorate your space with crystals, flowers, photos - whatever inspires you. 

We are creating ritual habits so find a time that you can meditate ritually. Devote a set amount of time to entering stillness. Take practical steps like turning off your phone and wearing comfortable clothes. I love a blanket and ritual tea before I meditate. Find your way. 

Step two close your eyes and focus on your breathing. When you start your mind will wander, let it, and return to your breath. Feel into your body. Be aware of the rise and fall of your breathing. 

Listen to other sounds in your space or adjacent rooms. Listen to the birds or the wind. Return to your breath. Practice guiding your mind. Do not get frustrated or attempt to control the process. Just Be. Enjoy the stillness. Relax. 




FOCUS ON light

Step three let your mind wander to thought and back to stillness. This is not about control, it is the about release. Just Be. Allow your mind to wander and then practice returning. 

Practice simple techniques to return to your meditation. Focus on the flame of your candle. Close your eyes and envision the flame. Practice seeing it in your mind. Use a mantra. Mantras are a word or sound that you repeat silently or aloud. Om is a mantra.

Rock Maze


Step four communicate with your soul. Your soul whispers to you even now. You invoke your soul with compassion, love and gratitude. Think of something you love. Be thankful. This is a high vibe resonance. Your soul is high vibe. 

Ask your soul to guide you. Tell your soul that you seek divine wisdom. You wish to remember. Part of this journey requires your humility. You are bowing to the wisdom of spirit and genuinely seeking guidance. Meditation is how we receive spirit. How we receive is personal. Trust that you have what you need. Just be. 

Step five surrender your dreams to spirit. Have faith. How many times have you wished for something, manifested it and then wished it hadn't happened. Part of being human is that we are human! 

While it is important to try to be clear about your desires and what you want, remember that the universe may have something better in mind. When you are praying or making wishes be sure that you release attachment. Simple phrases like "so be it" or "thy will be done" ensure it is of the highest good. 


SPIRIT guided


JOURNEY within

Step six is to commit. You can change your world. Commit to 12 minutes a day for 33 days. Create ritual habits. You are not fixed. Epigenetics proves that we are not created by our genes - we create our genes. 

You have the power to create your life! How you create your life is simple, by consciously transforming your ritual behaviors. To have a high vibe life, simply be high vibe. You will start with simple meditative practices in the morning and the evening. Remember belief is the key: feel it; say it; see it; know it.

SEEK answers

BE  still



Prayer and meditation (to ask and receive) are the foundation of your ritual practice. A first task is to create an altar or sacred space. There are no rules. An altar is a place of reverence for you. It is personal. Your altar should include what you love and where your heart goes. You may want to use art that you created or a photo of someone cherished. You may use the image of an angel or the feather of an owl. Create with freedom, faith and love. This is where you seek spirit and soulful worship. You will want a space for inspiration too. This is where you create: journal, draw, knit, carve, doodle, bake ... whatever inspires you.  


The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.  Rumi

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CREATE   sacred space
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We have created an embodied ritual of prayer and meditation. Meditation is not simply stillness but inspiration. These embodied rituals (ritual is simply a practice done with intention) seek the wisdom of your soul. What you receive will be personal. It is your inspiration - your passion and purpose. As we connect with our soul, we are inspired to create. It is the nature of the soul to create. Follow your soul, she knows the way. What are you called to do. Do that. Practice emergent writing (writing without thought) or send love notes. In the stillness you will hear another voice. Listen. Pay attention. 

Why are you knocking at every door? Go, knock at the door of your own heart. Rumi


We have what we seek, it is there all the time, and if we give it time, it will make itself known to us.  


Thomas Merton 

WILD soul   

Step seven is a product of step six. To create a high vibe world be high vibe. The law of attraction or magnetism states that what you are you attracted. Your world reflects you. 


As you transform your life, you transform your world. You may find that your tribe is changing. If this effects you practice energy work. Take three deep breaths. Release any anxiety around this person or people. Now think of something that upset you with them. Feel it. Write it down or say it. Remember what happened. This is your alchemical record. You will now forgive. Close your eyes. Use the energetic sequence: feel it; say it; see it; know it. You are using emotional energy (energy in motion) to process your experience or trauma. Use the color of violet (the crown chakra) or pink (love) and release the energy. This may be using violet flames or creating an orb or bubble of energy and havign them float away in it. Play with it. 

Step eight is follow your heart. What are you passionate about? You have created a high vibe life by being high vibe, now follow your heart. Where are you called? 

You are seeking your life's purpose, your destiny. This may not be glamorous. The most revered people in this history of humanity did not live lives of luxury and ease. They lived powerful lives. Don't seek for cultural reinforcement or even family support. This is about you claiming your truth. It is not meant to be simple. It is meant to be real. Remember that you have a soul tribe to support you on the path and you have guides. Seeking them is also simple. They whisper in the stillness and can be invoked. Call to them and listen. Active meditation is a wonderful practice, to  include anything creative or with nature (art, hiking, yoga, running, dancing, sewing....).


Step nine. Remember you have everything you need. You are enough. You are ready! You were born with the knowledge of how to return. You simply have to remember. 

This is about you finding your way home. You journey the chakras an energetic bridge of spirit and matter. We use the star chakras  and the zodiac to bridge heaven and earth. It is about your heart and soul and being love and light. We have created simple ritual practices infusing your magic and the natural world. We have created a ritual toolkit for the journey. We have created Soul Space where we gather for soulful living, loving and learning. You have us here at Be, your personal tribe and your spirit guides. Most importantly you are a wild soul. You have within you the magic of the universe.






YOUR effect
BE authentic
BE passionate
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FIRE YOGA-  being

Agni yoga is being. It is the process of being consumed by love. Agni yoga is yoga of the heart. It is fire yoga. It is igniting the flame within our heart. It is the falling away of the veils or illusions to claim our truth - our passion. The flame is ignited as your soul enters and dwells in the cavern of your heart. It is not a matter of doing but being. Agni yoga is Being love. It is our belief that as we become love we are one. Be is the I AM. It is personal and collective. Agni yoga has been prophecized to be the religion of the new age; a soul-led journey to our personal union with spirit. There are twelve lessons but they are personal. You are led by your guides to bridge heaven on earth in your heart (12 breaths, 12 mantras, 12 trials). This is about the beyond. It is about letting go. Being.

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet. Rumi


YOGA   basics

In Yoga, three life forces, or doshas, govern the physical world (sareerika prakriti) — Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The mental world (mansika prakriti) is governed by three states of mind, or gunas — tamas (darkness), rajas (activity), and sattva (beingness). Embodying the Sattva energy through Being, we connect the heavens above and the earth below, spirit and matter. 

Yoga is an ancient meditative ritual. We encourage you to find your method. Wander. Play. You may find stillness in nature, running, baking, painting or writing. There is no right or wrong. There is simply what resonates with you. 


Your heart knows the way, run in that direction. Rumi 

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MAKE  time



SEEK YOUR   angels



First Ray Archangel Michael/Archeia Faith; Blue – Divine Will through Faith – Throat Chakra

Second Ray Archangel Jophiel/Archeia Christine – Yellow – Illumination through Wisdom – Crown Chakra

Third Ray Archangel Chamuel/Archeia Charity – Pink – Compassion through Love – Heart Chakra

Fourth Ray Archangel Gabriel/Archeia Hope – White – Embodiment through Purity – Root Chakra

Fifth Ray Archangel Raphael/Archeia Mary – Green – Healing through Manifestation – Third Eye Chakra

Sixth Ray Archangel Uriel—Archeia Aurora – Purple/Gold – Resurrection through Service – Solar Plexus Chakra

Seventh Ray Archangel Zadkiel—Archeia Amethyst – Violet - Freedom through Transmutation – Seat of the Soul Chakra



First Crystal Ray – Archangel Auriel and Archeia Alena

Second Crystal Ray – Archangel Celestel and Archeia Celena

Third Crystal Ray – Archangel Christiel and Archeia Christyla

Fourth Crystal Ray – Archangel Soliel and Archeia Astrela

Fifth Crystal Ray – Archangel Virtuel and Archeia Vestrea

You don't have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body.

C. S Lewis

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PERSONAL   altars

I am sharing my personal altar as an example. I have an altar in the Hall which is communal, meaning it is used collectively, and a private altar. The Hall has the Heaven on Earth Be Collection and a love candle. For my private altar (displayed below), I used my sun sign of Aquarius (DOB 2.9.70). The Be collection includes Renewal, One, Love, Beloved and Harmonic as well as a Renewal candle. I have stones that are symbolic to me personally and those that I love. I add mists, a Rosary, prayers, images, flowers, tarot - based on my vibe. The altar itself is from the 1800s and is a family heirloom. Altars are not East or West. They are simpy sacred spaces for our ritual worship. 

altar  |  al·​tar | \ ˈȯl-tər  \ a space which serves as a center of worship or ritual 


STARS +  stones

I work with a fabulous astrologist on what stones to incorporate in our ritual practices. Those are offered on the product pages. I have a necklace I never take off that is Australian Opal that is magical to me and amplifies and alchemizes my energy. It was created by an amazing jeweler/psychic. It is not part of my sun sign, but I believe in it. There are no rules. Your altar and your vibe should be a reflection of you and what you love. Play with it! Claim it! 

AQUARIUS + Stone: 

Main - Lucky: Aquamarine

Alternate - Personal: Moss agate & Sugilite

Planetary - Rulers: Turqouise & Lapis Lazuli 

Talismanic – Star signs: Jasper

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